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How to Treat Periodontal Diseases at Home?


Of all the different types of dental diseases, gum infections, and diseases hamper the healthy living of many. This is because you majorly pay attention to your teeth and take all the effort to keep them clean. But your oral health constitutes the teeth, gums, and entire inner portion of the mouth. So, any damage to any of these portions can lead to severe damage to the entire oral health.

You must be wondering why you develop various gum diseases. Here, the reason is not one but many. Think of a situation when you eat a meal. You enjoy your delicacy. What happens after? A lot of food particles get stuck in between your teeth. With time, they decay and give a wonderful opportunity for the bacteria to develop and grow. This not only leads to bad odor and bad breath but also can damage your entire tooth root.

To combat such gum infections and related other periodontal diseases, we have come up with a series of at-home treatments. These are both effective and yield long-term results. Although there is not much scientific evidence behind them, people are getting benefitted from them several times. After all, you may not be able to reach out to emergency dental treatment in London. In case you fail to reach out to an emergency dentist immediately, you can rely on these at-home treatments for temporary relief.

Some home remedies to treat periodontal diseases

From time immemorial, people have been relying on various at-home remedies to treat various oral issues. Why should you rely on these at-home remedies? Because they are free from side effects. This is because of the presence of various natural and organic ingredients used for these at-home remedies.

However, remember that these home remedies can provide you with temporary relief from your dental issue. But these are not substitutes for medical treatment. This should not make you stop visiting a dentist or dental clinic.

   Now let's take a look into the various home remedies to treat periodontal diseases. 

1. Saline water treatment

You must have come across your parents and grandparents asking you to use a warm saline solution every time there is a bad to take or swollenness in your gums. This is an age-old home remedy that helps to heal inflamed gums. Here the salt act as a natural disinfectant that helps in these ways:

  • To reduce bacteria
  • To remove the food particles from the teeth
  • To reduce bad breath
  • To soothe inflammation of the gums
  • To neutralize the pain

2. Lemongrass oil mouthwash

According to traditional home remedial norms, lemongrass has the power to reduce the level of periodontal diseases, plague, and gingivitis. To prepare this lemongrass oil mouthwash, you need to:

  • Take 2 to 3 drops of the essential oil
  • Mix it with regular water

Here you can use lukewarm water for better results. Now, take the solution into your mouth and swish it for at least 30 seconds. Make sure to spit out the solution and never swallow it.

3. Aloe Vera mouthwash

Various scientific researchers show that the importance of Aloe Vera and its effectiveness is equal to that of chlorhexidine. Aloe Vera is available in the form of a juice, to do not need to dilute it with water separately. Instead, you can take aloe Vera juice straight away into your mouth and swish it for 30 seconds. Make sure to invest only in organic and completely pure  Aloe Vera juice. For better results, use this solution 2 to 3 times a day.

4. Tea tree oil mouthwash

The immense benefits and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil make it a go-to product to heal every wound. To create the tea tree oil mouthwash, mix three drops of tea tree oil in lukewarm water. Just like the other mouthwashes, swish it in your mouth for 30 seconds to a minute and spit it out.

5. Sage mouthwash

Using sage mouthwash can help to reduce dental plaque and bacteria. To prepare the sage mouthwash, you can use both dried and fresh sage leaves and add them to two cups of water. Now, boil the solution for 10 minutes. Make sure to simmer it for the next 10 minutes before using it for effective results. Now, strain the water and rings your mouth with the sage solution. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of sage help to treat the infection and heal your wounds.

6. Guava leaf mouthwash

To maintain oral hygiene, you must have elders in your house asking you to chew guava leaves. Indeed, this is an effective treatment to keep your teeth and mouth clean. The guava leaves have antibacterial and anti-microbial properties that help to keep the dental plague in check. In addition, guava leaf mouthwash can eliminate bad breath, gum inflammation, and tooth pain.

Take 5 to 6 fresh guava leaves and crush them. Now, add the crushed leave in water and boil it for 15 minutes. Keep the solution aside and let it cool down. Strain the solution and rings your mouth with it. For effective results, you can use this mouthwash 2 to 3 times a day.

7. Coconut oil pulling

To remove the plaque and dirt from between the teeth, you can rely on oil-pulling techniques. Here coconut oil works the best. Coconut oil is filled with lauric acid, thereby making it anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. Besides, the coconut oil pulling technique clears your sinuses, refreshes your breath, gives you white teeth, and relieves you from stress and tension.

To perform a coconut oil pulling, first take two teaspoons of coconut oil into your mouth. Make sure to use coconut oil that is at room temperature. Now, use a little force to swish the oil for the next 20 minutes inside your mouth. Finally, spit it out once you are done, and rinse your mouth with plain water. Make sure to brush your teeth after this.


Therefore, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene to stay away from periodontal infections. In case you are suffering from one make sure to look out for an emergency dental treatment in London. The dentist and dental clinic in London are efficient and experts in dealing with various dental issues. Besides, some of them offer aftercare treatment as well.

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